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PIDAN the Key Dog Chewing Toy

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Do you want the right key to open the door to a better relationship with your dog? The key-shaped dog chewing toy is what you need. Grasp by the key bow or the key bits and play tug-of-war with your dog and see how your relationship with your dog enhances. This chewing toy is made of thermoplastic rubber or TPR. TPR is a safe material and will not hurt your dog. It is also softer than ordinary rubber. As a result, the key is highly elastic, durable, and bite resistant. It can be excreted normally even if it is eaten by a dog. Get the key to unlock the door to intimate companionship with your dog and your dog will have a happy life.

Friendly Reminder
Rinse with water after use, dry and then put away to avoid bacterial growth 
Please do not use a corrosive detergent such as bleach to wash and wipe this product
This product a consumable product for chewing and needs to be replaced regularly

Product Information
Size: 250×110×20mm / 300×116×20mm
Net Weight:106g / 138g
Materials: TPR