PIDAN Cat Harness and Leash Set

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Firm, secure, and durable.
It's easy to take your cat outside when you have this. The H-shaped harness hugs your cat surely so it will not break loose easily. To ensure the buckle is strong and durable, it is made with POM material. And you can adjust the length or tightness freely so that it fits your cat using the tri-glide adjuster. The polyester silk leash is soft to the touch, so it's comfortable to hold the leash. There are two colors to choose from. And both of them are chic and look great on your cat. So, our cat harness and leash set allows you to take your cat out for a stroll and make you proud.

It's washable.
Hang dry after washing and avoid exposure to direct light.
Avoid using non-neutral detergent to prevent from corroding and fading.

Product information
Size: 12 x 1220 mm
Weight: 61 g
Material: Polyester silk, POM

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