PIDAN Apple Core Dog Chewing Toy

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This dog squeaky toy is shaped like a cute little turtle.

The built-in squeaker makes a squeaky sound that attracts your dog's attention and lets your dog's hunting instinct kick in.

The material used is safe to bite and chew. It is also soft so it will not hurt the gums. Last but not least, it is resistant to wear and will continue to squeak even when biting through.

At home, this toy helps your dog to relieve stress and reduce destructive behavior. When outdoors, it helps you to interact intimately with your dog which improves the relationship between you and your dog.

Friendly Reminder
Rinse with water after use, dry and then put away to avoid bacterial growth 
Please do not use a corrosive detergent such as bleach to wash and wipe this product
This product a consumable product for chewing and needs to be replaced regularly

Product Information
Size: 100×90×50mm
Net Weight: 80g

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