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ORIJEN Freeze-Dried Treats are crafted with the same quality ingredients that make up our trusted foods. Crafted with your cat's nutritional needs in mind, Regional Red Treats are made from 100% raw ranch-raised beef, grass-fed lamb, wild boar, and Boer goat ingredients, gently freeze-dried to lock in the natural, nourishing nutrients and rich protein for a treat that is as healthy as it is delicious.

Key Benefits
  • Made in Canada
  • Biologically appropriate formula for cats
  • 100% Ranch-Raised Angus Beef, Alberta Lamb, Wild Boar & Yorkshire Pork - whole prey diet
  • Gently freeze-dried - Locks in nutrients and flavour
  • Fresh, preservative and antibiotic free
  • Protein rich and low glycemic

Fresh Beef Liver (19%), Fresh Lamb Liver (17%), Fresh Boar Liver (14%), Fresh Pork Liver (13%), Fresh Beef (13%), Fresh Pork (12%), Fresh Lamb (12%).

Each 35 g (1.25 oz) bag holds about 100 cat treats. Each treat contains approximately 1 kcal.


Crude Protein Min. 45%
Crude Fat Min. 35%
Crude Fiber Max. 1%
Moisture Max. 5%

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