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Card - Thank you Cat Litter

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Made by Hop & Flop

When you're inspired by cute furry animals, especially cats and litter boxes, you come up with thank you cards like these! Share the humour of cat puns to those that totally understand.

The inks are hand blended, then block stamped on each card. Each card is varied due to the nature of stamping each layer of colour on cardstock one card at a time. Colours may vary for every batch of cards because it requires re-mixing the inks.

Key Features

' Sketched illustrations are carved into rubber lino sheets.
' Card printing is done by hand using block printing.
' Each card is printed with two tones of water based block print inks.
' Block printed on white cougar cover paper.
' Card Size: 4.25" w x 5.5" h
' Includes one brown / kraft A2 envelope
' Cards are packaged in eco friendly, plant made cellophane bags.