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Cat Harness with Leash

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SUITABLE FOR ALL CAT BREEDS! The cat harness with leash is adjustable, matching your pet’s size, just make sure you keep tension slack to not restict your cat and gently pulling on the lead. The adjustable leather collar also features a snap fastener for your pets to feel comfortable while wearing it. The cat leashes for outside are suitable to all cat breeds, no matter their size. Your sweet furry companion will look precious in this new fashionable outfit.

Size guide:
Small for cats under 1 year-old; Medium for cats over 1 year-old

Small (adjustable): neck 14-22cm, chest 22-32cm

Medium (adjustable): neck 22-32cm, chest 32-50cm


- The cat harness nylon has a multicolor design and it can be used alone or with the leash attached so your cat will be safe while exploring the outdoors
- It also features a double safety closure effective escape proof, and easy quick release buckle for preventing the dangers of throat-locking
- The size of the harness can be adjusted according to your cat’s size, so she can feel comfortable and not restrained in any way
- The colorful design will provide an eye-catching look for your little friend and she will definitely be admired by everyone