eGift Card for Regal Cat Cafe & Regal Paw Shop

The eGift Card can be redeemed in-store (Regal Cat Cafe for kitty visits, tea/coffee/baked goods, in-store merchandises) & at our online shop
- if redeemed in-store, please show the QR code in the eGift Card email you receive
- if redeemed at, please enter the card code (under the QR code) at checkout, make sure the code you enter has no dash (—). Example: WO3J6QZI9VQPS3OS

Note: For full room bookings and events (painting, cats yoga) paid online, if you have a gift card, we can apply it at your arrival at the Cafe (apply the gift card balance, and then refund the payment you made online for full room and events)